🕹 New titles - Feb 2021

Here's what's new for you to check out on prodmgmt.world

NOTE: I’ve moved my emails to Substack because Mailchimp was too complicated. Let me know if you’d like anything to change in the format or presentation.

Hey, I’ll be quick.

8.5% of the year is done.

How does it feel? What have you come up with so far?

A few things from me:

  1. Now when you go to prodmgmt.world, you’ll see the latest additions sorted first. Hope that’s more helpful.

  2. Recently, I’ve added:

  3. I’m entering the second phase on my product strategy: “Original content”. I’m building it out over here slowly (very slowly). You can grab the Strategy/Metric/Tactic template there now.

  4. I’ve been active on Twitter (chances are, you know me from there). If you’re not a follower, help me hit 1000 followers by June 24th (my birthday) 😉

Talk soon and take care.