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Developing Growth Map, Opportunity mapping & Wardley Maps for design systems

Hello, it’s George from 🕹 prodmgmt.world

It’s May 2021. A full 37.81% of 2021 is behind us.

I hope you’re doing well.

📍Growth Map

In the past year, I started to collect a portfolio of growth tactics.

But there was no way to build on this portfolio. All I had was notes with scribbles, disconnected from each other.

So I decided to give myself & others the ability to keep up & contextualise all the growth tactics out there.

Pre-order here 👀 (80% OFF)

(Full price launches in a few weeks on Product Hunt.)

🌲Opportunity Mapping

Last issue, I said I was taking the Opportunity Mapping course.

It’s now done, and it was awesome!

I wrote about it on LinkedIn.

Read the article 👀 (4 mins)

🗺 Wardley Mapping - Live!

On June 8th, I’m mapping Design Systems with a few Wardley Map practitioners, on the Hired Thought livestream.

Set a reminder 👀

Super-stoked about this, but what’s in it for you?

Wardley Mapping is super-meta & likely won’t help you validate your startup idea… but it will make you a more strategic thinker.

If you’re unfamiliar with Wardley Maps, prodmgmt.world got you covered - just type it in Search!

🕹What’s New?

I’m all about Growth lately, so naturally I added a super helpful strategy list in the mix:

🕹 16 Product Strategies for Growth

That’s it.

Til next time!