🕹 Impersonation + when it's OK to go in CIRCLES

March 2021 Update on prodmgmt.world


It’s March 2021. A full 19.45% of 2021 is behind us.

I hope you’re doing well, not getting cornered into bad decisions and spreading knowledge & cheer through your community.

New stuff

Since last month, the library was expanded by 2 new additions:

  • The Impersonator: this is when you serve a competing product to your customers as if it was your own. I’m sure upon hearing it, you became alarmed of the potential repercussions of doing this. Zappos and Tesla managed to do this, but can we do this with digital products?

  • The CIRCLES method: My friend Brad Dunn wrote a thorough guide on how teams use this method.

    Check it out now 🕹

Product stories

My other friend Armic sent me this note:

Do you have your story to share with me?

Share your story 🙏

That’s it.

Til next time!